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Take students through an article, going through every stage of the reading process, and use that as a platform for students to write a response to the article, taking them through every stage of the writing process.

Afterwards, have a class discussion (a meta-analysis) of how the two processes are connected.

For Example:

1. Hand out “My Daughter, Myself –A Girly Girl Raising a Girl” by Sarah Sophie Flicker
         a. Make a prediction. What do you think, just based on the title, the text will be about?
        b. What do you already know about this topic? (What did you put in your free-write?)
2. Read the article to yourself.
      a. Predict
            i. As you read, assess whether your initial prediction was correct.
      b. Clarification
            i. Take notes on things you find to be important (or think might be important)
      c. Questioning
          i. Ask questions and identify places you felt confused or caused you to pause
      d. Reaction
       i. Do you agree or disagree with the piece? What is your personal reaction to the piece?
     e. Making Connections
          i. Discussion afterwards: What connections can you make to the reading?
3. Write a Response
      a. First, write a summary of the article. What is the author’s purpose?
      b. Pick an invention strategy that we discussed last class:
           i. Use that strategy to brainstorm the following question:
1. Flicker writes that she loves make-up and fashion and style, but she’s also a “feminist”. Do you think those things contradict each other the way she thinks they do? Why or why not?
     c. Draft a thesis statement based on your pre-write
4. Class Discussion (if time allows): Can you recap the process we used to read and respond to the article? What steps did we take?