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Tuesdays with Morrie Reading/Writing Ideas
— by Meg O'Rourke Meg O'Rourke
Tuesdays with Morrie Reading and Writing (Rough) Ideas

Some Reading Strategies
• SQ3R
o Look at the front cover (evaluate and make predictions)
o Read the back cover (make predictions and react/evaluate)
o Picture of Morrie (what impression of Morrie do you get from this photo? Why?)
o Table of contents (How organized? Make predictions.)
• Chapters (add skills throughout semester):
o Turn titles and headings into questions (e.g., What is the curriculum? What curriculum? Curriculum for what? Etc.)
o Make predictions
o Circle unfamiliar words
• Context clues
• Word analysis
• Inferences
o Making connections
• Does this How is this similar to classes you’ve taken? How is it different?
o Reacting and responding
• What do you think of Morrie’s advice?
⎯ Finding explicit and implicit main ideas
⎯ Finding supporting details
⎯ Writing summaries
⎯ Predicting

Reading toolbox:
⎯ Reading chart (main ideas, key quotes, vocabulary, etc.)
⎯ Summary/responses
⎯ Golden lines
⎯ Reading commentary
⎯ Videos about the author, concepts, etc.
⎯ What Would You Do? clips (?)

⎯ Interview someone you consider wise.  Ask them for what advice they have on life. (create questions as a class together)
o Interview questions
o Interviewing skills (questions beforehand, schedule appointment, note-taking/recorder, etc.)
o What to do after the interview
⎯ “Pay it Forward”/ “Random Acts of Kindness”/”
o Reflect on a time someone has done a random act of kindness for you
o Go out and do a random act of kindness for a stranger
• What did you do?
• What was the person’s reaction?
• How do you think that act affected that person’s day?
• How do you think that will affect others (larger society)?
⎯ Create your own aphorism