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— by charles williams charles williams
PREDICT   How has the emergence of digital cameras/video recorders changed our lives?  Do you have a video record feature on your phone? If so, what are some of the ways you use it?  Do we, as a society, value amateur video?  Why or why not?

CONNECT  How would you feel if vulnerable moments of your life were captured on video by a stranger and posted on YouTube and or a social media network?  What is some video footage you have seen multiple times and why did you watch it so many times?

QUESTION  Construct questions that you may regarding this text.  One such question could be why does Delillo use the second person?

CLARIFY Identify a passage within the text that you feel represents the main point Delillo is making about our fascination with watching violence along with supporting ideas?

VISUALIZE Illustrate the main point you identified in Delillo’s text, creating a visual representation of the characters in this essay/story.  This includes “you”—the viewer, your spouse, the videographer and the shooting victim.

EVALUATE After identifying his main point, state if you agree or disagree.