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Building vocabulary  
For every essay reading in the textbook, the student should write down three words on three index cards. So if four profile essays are read in the St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, then there would be 12 index cards. On one side of the index card, the student writes down the word, which essay the word came from, the sentence where the word was used in the essay, and the page number.  On the back of the card, student should indicate the word’s part of speech / variations, and definition.  
(Front of index card)
                                Word (visual optional)
Name of essay; include the sentence from the reading in the textbook that the word came from; page number where the word was found.

(Back of index card)
Part of speech / variations

After student completes the readings, the index cards are submitted to the teacher. Teacher records completion of this portion of the assignment. For every essay, student will be required to use five of the new words in their essay writing. Lastly, the student should staple the five index cards to the essay.